Rob was there whenever we needed him to get one of our many offers out, and his diligence and market navigation is what truly paid off for us in the end…

“Rob guided my Wife and I through a 1 year journey that ultimately landed us our dream home in San Francisco. We had countless calls and check in’s on individual properties, market conditions, and overall home-buying education. He walked with us every step of the way all the way through to the hand-off of the keys, and I am confident we wouldn’t have been as successful without him

Essential Skills and Expertise (an abbreviated list because there are too many to list)
* Understands and navigates the market with the experience, insight, knowledge, and rigor that every agent in this competitive market could only wish for in their offering to their clients.
* Deep network of contacts (he literally knows EVERYONE) – during open houses when you tell an agent that you are working with Rob, get ready to hear “Oh! Rob is the greatest” and/or “Please make an offer so that we can work with Rob…”
o This attribute was quite possibly the key to our success in this market
* Extremely professional AND personable
* Makes you feel like you are his top client
* Patient
* Will be able to know and understand your wants/needs – possibly before you truly do
* Straight shooter – keeps you heading toward the goal
* Always Keeps on Truckin’*
* Sensitive to your needs, fears, emotions, etc
* All around RAD guy”