Rob has a great network in San Francisco and was great at pointing out small issues and concerns with the various properties we saw…

“We have been looking for a place for a while with a different agent that didn’t work out for us. Once we left our first agent, we met with a couple new ones to make sure we were going to work with somebody that was right for us. We met Rob through independent recommendations from both a friend of ours and a colleague and we liked his approach (the first thing he asked me over email was if we left our previous agent amicably, which I really liked).

Once we identified a couple of properties we were ready to pull the trigger on, he helped us identifying the numbers for a competitive offer and they were spot on. We ended up not making an offer for a first property we liked but the number that Rob gave us was spot on and we managed to get our offer accepted at the very first attempt we made with a pre-emptive offer.

Overall, we found Rob competent, well connected and personable. We genuinely enjoyed working with him and we are happy to recommend him to other people looking for a home in San Francisco.”